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Bonobo 'Kerala' by BISON

Bonobo soundtracks The Rapture in this head-spinning, hyper-detailed video by Dave Bullivant, aka BISON.

With erratic, repetitive cuts showing a panicked woman, played by Gemma Arterton, running through London during what appears to be The Ascension, you could be forgiven for thinking that the video starts and ends with this clever editing concept. You would, however, be very wrong.

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Metronomy 'Old Skool' by Dawn Shadforth

Dawn Shadforth hands the irrepressible Sharon Horgan a delicious scenario and magnificent makeover for Metronomy's Old Skool.

Horgan is the 70s housewife hosting a houseparty in deepest English suburbia, where her anxiety and neurosis bubbles away close to the surface - and her husband, played by Ben Crompton, provides a steadying, and somewhat ominous counterpoint.

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V/O 'ID' by Filip Zaluska

After his impressive video for Rysy's The Fib, director/cinematographer Filip Zaluska is back with another searing burst of cinematic imagery for V/O's ID, the solo project of Rysy co-founder Wojtek Urbanski.

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Leon Vynehall 'Blush' by Nryn

The animator known as Nryn has created more gorgeous, hypnotic visuals for Leon Vynehall, with this epic colour-drenched abstract work, based on the central repeated image of cascading Bird of Paradise feathers.  

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Lorn 'Acid Rain' by R113

This excellent promo for the Midwestern electronica artist Lorn's Acid Rain, directed by Julian Flores, Pavel Brenner & Sherif Alabede (aka R113), demonstrates how well-trained cheerleaders - possibly the ones from Nirvana's Smell Like Teen Spirit video - keep doing the moves even after crashing their car next to the diner.

In fact (spoiler alert) even after they're dead...

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Conventional Thought 'Dangers' by Paul Kamuf

Paul Kamuf has given the plot of Weird Science a contemporary edge in his entertaining video for Conventional Thought's Dangers.

Two teenage lads attempt to create their perfect woman - who happens to be jet-black – via 3D printing. And they get much more than they bargained for.

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