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Stylo G x Jacob Plant 'Bike Engine' by Keith Schofield

Keith Schofield brings his postmodern weirdness to the fore in this bizarre, multi-layered video for Stylo G & Jacob Plant.

Playing on his own previous works in which sex and VFX intertwine in some hideously brilliant ways, Schofield brings us a video within a video within a video here that breaks the fourth, fifth, and sixth wall, and gets funnier with each development.

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The Prodigy 'Nasty' by Oliver Jones

Even if the music is The Prodigy's Nasty is brutally reductive, even by their standards, the band still show sophisticated taste with their videos and this one by Oliver Jones, about an urban fox with special powers, is a very stylish combination of animation, mainly rotoscoped, and live action. Nasty but nice.  

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