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Self Esteem 'Your Wife' by Rebecca Lucy Taylor

Rebecca Lucy Taylor, formerly of Slow Club and latterly of Moonlandingz, has a new solo project and also takes up the director's reins for the first release by Self Esteem, with a lighthearted take on body image and sexuality.

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King Krule 'Dum Surfer' by Brother Willis

Sickness, sweat and smiles are the order of the day in Brother Willis's visual for King Krule's stylish punk-bossanova crossover with Dum Surfer.

So ill he has to be wheeled in on a gurney, KK joins his equally peaky-looking bandmates for an interminable performance to disinterested onlookers. The effect is to make everyone so eerily clammy that they appear to be actually melting.

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Ibeyi ft. Kamasi Washington 'Deathless' by Ed Morris

Ed Morris reunites with Ibeyi for the first track to be taken from the Cuban-French twins' forthcoming second album Ash. As with his previous work with Ibeyi, he creates starkly conceptual imagery that has a mysterious aura, and deadpan magic realism about it.

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Beck 'Up All Night' by CANADA

A modern Joan of Arc dons her armour to undertake a daunting mission in one of the most hostile and challenging environments known to man - the teenage houseparty. And what could be a more noble cause than rescuing your useless drunken brother from infamy and ridicule? 

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Eskmo 'Feed Fire' by Filip Zaluska

Polish director/DoP Filip Zaluska's tale of innocence, fear and blighted love for Eskmo's Feed Fire follows two timelines and features one of the most uncomfortable kisses ever screened.

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