Kenzie 'Dark July' & 'Funeral' by Camille Summers-Valli

Kenzie 'Dark July' & 'Funeral' by Camille Summers-Valli
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A double-bill of videos for debuting downbeat R&B singer Kenzie by Camille Summers-Valli. And the artist and the director collaborated closely on the premise of the videos that were inspired by lucid dreaming. 

Dark July introduces us to Kenzie in reoccurring narratives, all which build with tension and perplexing encounters. Set in a luxurious hotel, Kenzie's interactions with the other guests in the hotel lobby, corridors and her room are dreamlike and sensual, the symbolism derived from common tropes that Kenzie and Camille associate with. 

The Funeral video responds to the strong sense of symbolism within the track - the "dressed up for my funeral" line that implies a contradictory sense of confidence - which is relayed as Kenzie's slow progress through the rain-soaked streets.

Impressively shot by DoP Maximillian Pittner, both videos were shot on location in Bulgaria on a tight budget. Producer Mayling Wong says that the project was "a labour of love" for it's hard-working crew. It's certainly one that will help put Kenzie, and Camille Summers-Valli, on the map.  


Camille Summers-Valli
Mayling Wong
Creative Director
Blue May
Production Company
PartizanPartizan website
Executive Producer
Mayling Wong
Production Manager
Joe Browne
1st AD
Philip Andreev
Director of Photography
Maximillian Pittner
Focus Puller
Dimitar Donchev
2nd AC
Petar Angelot
Manol Mitrev
Art Director
Kristian Lekov
Charlotte Roberts
Stoyen Kunev
Coco Hirani
Francesco Roma
Johnny Thorpe
Grading company
Director's Representation
Claire Stubbs @ Partizan
Jim Martin
Producer (Bulgaria)
Rosen Savkov
Executive Producer (Bulgaria)
Lyubo Yonchev
Production Assistants
Samuil Djoganov & Miglena Savkova
Service Production Company
4 Elementz, Bulgaria
Kiril Valchanov
Antony Stoev
Location Manager
Ivo Nikolov,
Ismail Falton & Delian Matveychuk
Key Grip
Atanas Stoyanov& Aleksander Petrov
Cast Make-up
Greta Stefanova & Natalie Ivanova
Cast Styling
Vesela Dimitrova & Maria Petrova
Diko Boutchoukov & Victoria Karakoleva
Main Cast (Dark July)
Dimitar Nikolov, Boryana Manoilova, Konstantin Gerginov – Timmy, Sashka Boyadjieva, David Diekololaoluwa, Zion Van Lion, David Stoilov, Aleksandra Jovanovic, Mariya Lazarova, Dimitur Lazarov, Bilyana Georgieva
Main Cast (Funeral)
Dimitur Nikolov, Boryana Manoilova, Konstantin Gerginov – Timmy, Sashka Boyadjieva, David Diekololaoluwa, Austime Uwalaka, Martin Manasiev, Borislav Ilinov, Simeon Petrov, Valentin Borislavov, Tashko Tashev, Elena Pavlova, Stanislav Vasilev, Elena Nenova, Monika Balunova, Teodor Benchev, Iliya Georgiev, Manol Geryshin, Galina Atanasova, Alla Kazakova
Special thanks
Aarti Mahtani @ Cinelab

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