SonReal 'Have A Nice Day' by Peter Huang

SonReal 'Have A Nice Day' by Peter Huang
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This lighthearted and abstract performance piece by Peter Huang for SonReal is a funny if somewhat unsettling video. The simple premise is extremely well edited and executed and is the perfect accompaniment for the catchy track. 

If Gap hired SonReal to do his own campaign, maybe they'd end up with something like this.


Peter Huang
Katy Maravala
Production Company
Mad Ruk Entertainment
Executive Producer
Matt Power
Executive Producer
Rey Mendoza
Production Manager
Joey Bilewicz
1st AD
Matt Hotson
Director of Photography
Ian Macmillan
Focus Puller
Daniel Duguay
2nd AC
Patrick Holms
Ryan Seifert
Art Director
Oleks Bileychuk
Steph Major
Hair & Make-up
Alison Sharp
Monica Remba
Editing company
Married To Giants
Conor Fisher
Grading company
Alter Ego
Wingman Vfx
Black Box Recordings Inc.
Blueberry The Chihuahua, Clairmont The Second, Cola Humphrey, Rich Kidd, Isabella Espinoia, David Mathewson, Jan Kamar, Claire Alexander, Samantha Hart

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