Ships 'Another Way' by Stevie Russell

Ships 'Another Way' by Stevie Russell
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Stevie Russell channels those classic teen movies of the 1980s in his video for the pulsating electro-pop of Ships, where a young boy takes the disco floor with the girl of his dreams - but is it all a dream?

Russell cuts between two different scenes that are both bordering on otherwordly - the boy and girl (Sam Hardy and Elena O'Connor) in the disco, contrasts with the boy wandering through a deserted, sunkissed beachside suburb in a lilac suit worthy of Miami Vice.

Above all, there is the sense of unrequited young love, the struggles of the boy who wants to be a man, played out against the throbbing retro sound of Another Way. And suburban Dublin has rarely looked so much like California.

From the director


“Ships have created a beautifully nostalgic track. For me, it evoked the awkward pain of young love. The uncertainty and the confusion of it all, the regretful moments where you feel you’ve blown it and the world is collapsing, but you’re still a kid so you dance it off. I wanted to frame this feeling through the prism of what I was watching at that age. We got really lucky with the two kids, Sam Hardy and Elena O’Connor. They nailed the feeling.”


Stevie RussellStevie Russell website
Anne-Marie Curran
Production Company
This Greedy Pig
Director of Photography
Jj Rolfe
Focus Puller
Donal Murphy
2nd AC
Ian Birney/ivan Moloney
Keith Prendred
Art Director
Lyn Allen
Sj Ffrench O'carroll
Sam Hardy + Elena O'connor

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