Francobollo 'We're Dead' by Samuel Lewis

Francobollo 'We're Dead' by Samuel Lewis
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Francobollo bassist and resident music video director Sam Bailey's latest for the band sees him dabble with pixellated animation, with the help of editor Samuel Lewis. 

It gives him the chance to play with the detritus of everyday life - coffee cups, plastic bottles, plastic bin liners, Coke bottle tops and cigarette butts.. – in interesting and meaningful ways in this spot-on live action cartoon satire of consumerism.

It's all about the everyday obsessions of each band member, and how affects them - the clue is in the songtitle...  


From the director


"Being passionate about film-making and music videos, we really wanted to make something that would be active whilst we have a platform and people's ears 'n' eyes. A song like We're Dead, which deals with the slow deterioration of our wellbeing, needs a call to arms. This is our attempt to raise awareness and join campaigners who we admire for their ceaseless work in trying to slow down our circling of the cosmic drain.

"Making the video required many many hours of sitting really really still. A small price to pay for something really lovely from the brilliant animator Samuel Lewis, who we met whilst on tour in Milan and stole him back to London with us."


Samuel Lewis
Sam Bailey
Production Company
Bancofrollo Productions
Samuel Lewis
Simon Nilsson, Sean Bean, Petter Grevelius, Sam Bailey
Square Leg Records
Production Life Guard
Anna Peftieva
Art Department
Monica Ng, Sophie Traugut
Special Thanks
Denis Bodart, Andrew Goldsmith, Alex Grigg, Ben Ommundson, Ruben Sonnoli

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