Etham 'Future' by Remi Laudat

Etham 'Future' by Remi Laudat
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At first it looks like a perfect love and a case of "happy ever after" in Remi Laudat's video for up and coming singer Etham. But the emotional tone of the song Future suggests otherwise – and then the whole truth emerges.

Laudat uses different formats, putting a home video camera in the hands of the singer and his leading actress, allowing the director to play with the perception of time, and provide an aesthetic support to the sense of longing in Etham's vocals.

“I wanted to explore the torment that Etham goes through when dealing with heartbreak," says Laudat. "Stumbling across an old DV camera, he is reminded of old memories that trigger emotions, regret and flashbacks of his ex."


Remi Laudat
Ugne Ciesiunaite
Production Company
GraftGraft website
Executive Producer
Beth Montague
1st AD
Chris Riley
Director of Photography
Ahmet Husseyin
Eric Cooper
Art Director
Marco Turcich
Christopher Gatt
Fiona Mcnicholas
Josh Aarons
Grading company
Smoke & Mirrors
Director's Representation
Carrie Sutton
Andrew Law
Closer Recordings

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