Boston Bun ft DVNO 'Spread Love (Paddington)' by Simon Cahn

Boston Bun ft DVNO 'Spread Love (Paddington)' by Simon Cahn
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Simon Cahn brings us the gripping story of a young man, heartbroken at the loss of his pet cat and desperate to find a new furry friend. And then he finds the perfect, amazing replacement: a ferret that can sing.

In a blur of brilliant comedy storytelling for Boston Bun's Spread Love (Paddington), we witness our hero's spectacular rise in popularity, fame and sexual allure. But when the ferret's wailing of the Spread Love hook becomes a little bit tiresome, it heralds the poor guy's spectacular fall from grace.

And it all ends with the ferret revealing a new talent to his defeated owner. This is a journey alright...  



Simon Cahn
Production Company
DivisionDivision website
Théo Gall
Line Producer
Bérangère Petitjean
Director of Photography
Simon Chaudoir
Production Services
Family Productions
Simon Colin
Post production company
Nicola Sheppard

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