Florence + The Machine 'Big God' by Autumn De Wilde

Florence + The Machine 'Big God' by Autumn De Wilde
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A beautiful and brilliant video for Florence + The Machine by Autumn de Wilde.

This captures the passion and power​ of Florence Welch, in a dance choreographed by acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan and Florence herself, performed by a wonderful group of dancers with with the singer in a breathtaking combination of colour, darkness and water. 

As a piece which is both excquisite to look at, and also hugely emotional, it must rank as one of the best Florence + The Machine videos ever.


Autumn de Wilde
Jacob Swan Hyam
Production Company
SomesuchSomesuch website
Executive Producer
Saskia Whinney
Director of Photography
Jaime Feliu Torres
Production designer
Marie Lanna
Stylist (Artist)
Aldene Johnson
Stylist (cast)
Vanessa Coyle
Sarah Rey Gate
Terri Capon
Akram Khan & Florence Welch
Miky Wolfe
Editing company
Final Cut
Alex Bickel
VFX Company
Significant Other
James Hackett
Virgin EMI

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