Kirin J Callinan 'You Think You're A Man' by Kim Gehrig

Kirin J Callinan 'You Think You're A Man' by Kim Gehrig
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Kim Gehrig collaborated with Terrible Records artist Kirin J Callinan to re-record You Think You’re a Man – originally performed by cult icon Divine – and create a music video for the track, the purpose of which is to highlight the rise of drink-related violence in Australia, and in particular the 'King Hit' - the act of throwing a single punch at an unsuspecting victim - and its dreadful legacy.

The rise of the King Hit has led to a several young men dying after being punched, reaching epidemic levels in Sydney, Gehrig's hometown. That prompted her to explore the crisis of masculinity that lies behind the rise of the phenomenon.

In the video, one young man's battle for self-respect inexorably leads to disaster, Gehrig delivers the story with compassion and understanding, without ever condoning the act.


Kim Gehrig
Anna Mannix
Production Company
Revolver Sydney
Production Company
SomesuchSomesuch website
Executive Producer
Michael Ritchie, Pip Smart, Tim Nash, Sally Campbell
1st AD
Nikky Long
Director of Photography
Ryley Brown
Silvana Aziz Heras
Holly Anderson
Elise Butt
Editing company
Trim Editing
Simon Bourne
Grading company
Post production company
Director's Representation
SomesuchSomesuch website
Terrible Records
Harry Dakanalis
Directors Assistant
Leilani Croucher
Citizen Jane
Older Brad
Pepjin Jungslager
Teen Brad
Austen Hunt
Young Brad
Hugo Defina - Sperando

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