Anna Calvi 'Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy' by William Kennedy

Anna Calvi 'Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy' by William Kennedy
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Anna Calvi's rousing new song - which she describes as "about being free to identify yourself in whichever way you please, without any restraints from society” – has inspired this relentlessly sensual visual directed by William Kennedy.

Calvi is the intense central figure among a group of writhing dancers, their bodies wrapped around her like lovers - or are they holding her back? The mass of bodies, spotlit through the darkness, is the focus of the video throughout, and Kennedy builds the tension as Calvi ends Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy with an extraordinary extended battle cry.



William Kennedy
Harri Kamalanathan
Executive Producer
Daniella Manc
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Production designer
Anna Mould
Santi Rodriguez
Tomomi Roppongi
Lauren Reynolds
Matt Newman
Lewis Crossfield
Caroline Clayton
Creative Direction
Imogen Snell

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