H.C. McEntire 'Baby's Got The Blues' by Jared Hogan

H.C. McEntire 'Baby's Got The Blues' by Jared Hogan
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Jared Hogan has created a series of simple but hugely striking portraits of ordinary people for alt-country artist HC McEntire's heartfelt Baby's Got The Blues. 

The subjects are all connected to Heather (HC) McEntire, and some of them also become her fellow performers... 

From the director


"In talking with Heather, we knew that we wanted this video to touch on universal wounds of depression and suffering, but established in a more poetic narrative. We also knew we wanted family and community play a integral role.

"All of the subjects in the video are connected to Heather’s life in one way or another and that was very important to us. The song strikes this balance between darkness and hope, and we wanted the video to do the same."


Jared Hogan
Jared Hogan
Heather Mcentire
Director of Photography
Christian Schultz
Jared Hogan
Jacob Mckee
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The Mill
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