Tshegue 'Muanapoto' by Pantera

Tshegue 'Muanapoto' by Pantera
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This fabulous video for French-African outfit Tshegua from Pantera - that's the Buenos Aires-based directing collective, not the '80s metal band - features Sarah Sekongo as a young woman establishing a normal life for herself in the Ivory Coast despite her outwardly invisible but profound disability.

This is a beautifully made piece of work, that fully immerses you in her world, and through that, the music of Tshegua - the music that Sekongo cannot herself hear. 

With photography by the redoubtable Steve Annis, this is a story that seeps into the viewer's psyche and brings joy. Marvellous.  


Melodie Saba
Production Company
Executive Producer
Melodie Saba
Director of Photography
Steve Annis
Focus Puller
Eira Jones
2nd AC
Milo Brown
Art Director
Lopez Zunon
Simon Bourne
Grading company
Post Producer
Director's Rep (UK)
SomesuchSomesuch website
Director's Rep (US)
Anonymous Content
Executive Producer
Eric Stern
Main Role
Sarah Sekongo
2nd Role
Christelle Ahoua
2nd Role
2nd Role
Bertine Guei
2nd Role
Marie-Dominique N’Guessan Angora

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