Billy Lockett 'Feels So Good' by Jasper Cable-Alexander

Billy Lockett 'Feels So Good' by Jasper Cable-Alexander
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New director Jasper Cable-Alexander takes us to the sun-kissed English countryside, and on a nostalgia trip for Billy Lockett’s Feels So Good.

Roaming through lush grass with the sun beating down, the video’s simplicity and beauty echoes Lockett’s dulcet tones. This was something that Cable-Alexander wanted to preserve.

“I was blown away by the emotion Billy was able to convey," he says. "I immediately wanted to use 16mm to offer something raw as well as infrablue lighting for a cinematic edge. The visuals had to conjure up the same depth and integrity that Billy’s sound evoked in me.”


Jasper Cable-Alexander
Ugne Ciesiunaite
Production Company
GraftGraft website
Executive Producer
Katherine Pitman
Director of Photography
Ben Worthington
Focus Puller
Chris Rogers
2nd AC
James Murray O'brien
Shaun Gardiner
Editing company
Big Buoy
Jonny Tully
Grading company
Smoke & Mirrors
Director's Representation
Carrie Sutton
Ailsa Robertson
Warner Music UK

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