LSD ft Sia, Diplo & Labrinth 'Audio' by Ernest Desumbila

LSD ft Sia, Diplo & Labrinth 'Audio' by Ernest Desumbila
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The second video for pop supergroup LSD brings the psychedelic animation of the first into the real world, and it really takes flight in the hands of Ernest Desumbila.

The director who has done great things in the past combining cartoon-like animation with live action - in particular last year's ludicrously fun Waffle House for Snails & Botnek  - has conjured a kind of origins story for this superteam for their song Audio.

Diplo slips a LSD cassette into the tape player of the old BMW he's just bought from a slippery car dealer, and finds himself accompanied by cartoon leopards; Sia's LSD avatar comes alive in a living, ever-expanding balloon character, transforming the life of her young friend; Labrinth wakes up to an LA that is an augmented reality-like psychedelic trip.

It all builds to a really uplifting finale, and a fully animated climax which signals that the team have found each other.



Ernest Desumbila
Bryan Younce
Jeff Kopchia
Production Company
Executive Producer
Nathan Scherrer
Director of Photography
Trevor Wineman
Nina McNeely
Animation Company
Sauvage Tv
Lluis Murua
Joao Teixeira
Yulia Bulashenko
Columbia Records
Director's Representation
IconoclastIconoclast website

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