NOTD, Bea Miller 'I Wanna Know' by Michael Baldwin

NOTD, Bea Miller 'I Wanna Know' by Michael Baldwin
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Bea Miller's big performance of I Wanna Know - her collaboration with NOTD - becomes a real showstopper in Michael Baldwin's impressive video.

There's nothing new about a singer being multiplied courtesy of motion control, but when it works well its always mesmerising - and that's the case here. As clones of Bea Miller start appearing in a warehouse space, Baldwin ratchets up the intensity of her performance, and the video. 

From the director


"This track is going to be HUGE. When I first heard it, Bea's vocal was so powerful that it felt like she was getting more and more distressed as the track went on. That made me think of more and more of Bea. So, armed with an idea that was way out of the budget we had, it was time to twist arms and pull favours in every direction (what's new!).

"Somehow it all came together just about in time for the shoot. It would have all fallen apart though if it wasn't for Bea's incredible screen presence and absolute commitment on the shoot. She had to be everywhere. Literally. All day. She blew us all away as soon as she began performing and kept that energy up until we finally wrapped in a grim, feezing cold, windy car park somewhere near Dagenham late at night.  A long way from LA, which is where we would have all preferred to be to be honest."


Michael Baldwin
Jack Lightfoot
Production Company
Blindeye FilmsBlindeye Films website
Assistant Producer
Emily Vincent
Assistant Producer
James Dearden
1st AD
Ben Burton
Director of Photography
Carl Burke
1st AC
Rich Savage
2nd AC
Nacho Muñoz
Lee Parfitt
John Forsyth
VFX Supervisor
Matt Barbalics
VFX Supervisor
Andrew Pflum
Hair & Make-up
Alice Howlett
Production Assistant
Luke Dryden
Joel Ward
Tim Smith
Grading company
Electric Theatre Collective
VFX Company
Director's Representation
Chloe Page at Lock It InChloe Page at Lock It In website
Ore Okonedo

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