Years & Years 'If You're Over Me' by Fred Rowson

Years & Years 'If You're Over Me' by Fred Rowson
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With Years & Years' concept-led second album Palo Santo on the way, the second video by Fred Rowson is the next episode in the story of Y&Y's Olly Alexander as a captive human performer in a world dominated by androids.

After his unveiling as a prize exhibit in Sanctify, Olly becomes the star of an elaborate cabaret, where humans must perform continuously for their android masters, in If You're Over Me. As the song progresses the routines become increasingly spectactular - and we also glimpse life backstage.

Clearly there's some kind of history between Olly and one of his fellow dancers...



Fred Rowson
Corin Taylor
Production Company
BlinkBlink website
Executive Producer
Paul Weston
Head of Music Video
Richard Grewe
Production Manager
Jack Bingham
1st AD
Inthira Sawantrat
Director of Photography
Jaime Feliu Torres
Art Director
Siranat Ratchusanti
Nick Royal
Emma Croft
Sacha Szwarc
Editing company
SpeadeSpeade website
Lewis Crossfield
Post production company
Electric Theatre Collective
Post Producer
Oliver Whitworth
Semera Khan

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