Wretch 32 'His And Hers (Perspectives)' by Charlotte Regan

Wretch 32 'His And Hers (Perspectives)' by Charlotte Regan
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Charlotte Regan's mesmerising video for Wretch 32's His And Hers takes the song's difficult subject matter - the angry verbal attack of a young man and the provoked response of his partner - and tackles it head-on.

She simply dramatises it, adds characterisation to bring Wretch's blistering monlogues fully to life, and does so in a completely believeable manner. 

The setting for this descent into verbal war is a gritty cityscape - a car at night, and then a deserted street; the performances by Fady Elsayed Troika and Lauren Alexandra playing the couple are excellent; the ending adds a poignant visual touch that even goes beyond Wretch's words. A really powerful piece of work from the BAFTA-nominated Regan.


From the director


"After hearing how strong the words were in the track I knew I wanted to focus on some really amazing performances from actors, and similarly Wretch wanted to match the tracks intensity. I really liked the idea of just sitting with these two characters and trying to make people feel connected to what they were going through in these confined spaces without any gimmicks or anything too flashy. 

"It really is just about how they get across those words with the emotion in their performances. I think it evolved at every stage from being on set and seeing what the actors had to offer to sitting in on the edit and changing the highs and lows and figuring out where those intense moments should come in.

"Music videos can often have so much going on now that it can be a bit daunting going for a more stripped-back acting-heavy idea, and this video relied so much on the casting and the actors. I think it's also a different style for them. Music videos get so much across in so little time so I think their acting style has to be different, especially with a project like this where they're syncing with Wretch's verses. Everything has to be pushed/heightened a bit more without being theatrical. 

"Luckily we got some incredible actors who completely pulled it off but it was for sure a challenge finding that balance."


Charlotte Regan
Mickey Voak
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Ton Wynbourne
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Arran Green
Phil Currie
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Fady Elsayed Troika, Lauren Alexandra

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