KT Tunstall ft Mike McCready 'I Won't Back Down' by Mark Haldane

KT Tunstall ft Mike McCready 'I Won't Back Down' by Mark Haldane
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Legendary Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, Scottish looping troubadour KT Tunstall, and Seattle’s finest Leah Julius of rock band Thunderpussy headed down into Mike’s basement studio to pay tribute to one of their musical idols, Tom Petty. They agreed upon Tom’s iconic song ‘I Won’t Back Down’, and set to work on a blistering new version of this powerful and relevant rally call to all folks standing up for what they believe.

To make the video, along with live studio footage from the recording itself, KT put the word out to her fans to send in any photos or footage from protests, marches, or meaningful gatherings they had taken part in. This is a song that will never lose it’s relevance, but in these times more than ever, it serves as an anthem for People Power.

All proceeds from the song will go to the Pearl Jam Vitalogy Foundation.


Mark Haldane
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Mark Haldane
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