Little Boots 'Eros' by Marion Bergin

Little Boots 'Eros' by Marion Bergin
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The second in an Apple-funded series of four videos shot for Little Boots's new disco-pop direction by Marion Bergin, matches Little Boots to Greek-style statues and busts, with video effects and pictures within pictures.

It's a new twist on old school pop gloss to reflect the paradox of Eros - when you possess what you desire the power of attraction is lost. 

"The video focusses on the interplay between reality and dreams, love met and unrequited," says Bergin, who has drawn on her fashion industry background (she launched the fashion brand Bitching and Junkfood) and previous experience in styling and creative direction.



Marion BerginMarion Bergin website
Lauren Verge
Director of Photography
Rory Langdon-down
Focus Puller
Josh Spear
Art Director
Ash Halliburton
Mekel Bailey
Emily Evans
Sam Coles
Dan Bollard
Editing company
Somnio Productions
Dan Bollard
On Repeat Records

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