Matoma ft. MAX 'Lonely' by Aella Jordan-Edge

Matoma ft. MAX 'Lonely' by Aella Jordan-Edge
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Aella Jordan-Edge takes to the London nightclub scene to film Matoma’s Lonely’ ft. MAX. With an “imaginary friend” concept at its core, this video was inspired by Aella’s love for the classic film Harvey. She was drawn to the visual idea of a character interacting with someone we can’t see - a person that only exists in the character’s head, that he believes in so fiercely, we begin to believe in him too.

We follow the journey of two dancers, never knowing if the girl in this romantic duo is real, or just a figment of his imagination. Their heated and intimate interaction under the neon lights of Sway draw us into their story and leaving us wanting more.

From the director


"We took over the awesome space at Sway and with the help of my crew transformed it into this platform for our dancer’s fantasy. The lighting design was already halfway there because of their crazy club nights but we embellished it to create the psychedelic and disorientating effect we wanted.

"MAX was amazing to work with, super charismatic and camera friendly – he’s a great mover himself and I’d love to work with him again. Everyone really pulled together to make this happen and I’m super happy with the result. It’s been so beautiful to watch my vision grow and become a reality."


Aella Jordan-Edge
Molly Mcgregor
Production Company
Executive Producer
Toby Walsham
1st AD
Andrew Richards
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Lee Parfitt
Riya Hollings
Robyn Rowan
Owen O’Sullivan
Editing company
Marshall Street Editors
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company
Jamie Neale
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
Sam Seager
Parlophone Records
Mikey Boats
Claudia Maybury
Sound design
Silent Can Sound
Production Manager (LA shoot)
Izzy Lopez
Grooming (LA shoot)
Sierra Kohn
DOP (LA shoot)
Corey C Waters
Runner (LA shoot)
Peter Arnold
Stylist (LA shoot)
David Bonney

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