Albin Lee Meldau 'The Weight Is Gone' by Daniel Carberry

Albin Lee Meldau 'The Weight Is Gone' by Daniel Carberry
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Danel Carberry's latest video for Albin Lee Meldau is a very slick performance piece; the Swedish soul-pop singer's engaging take on The Weight Is Gone delivered in a set variously lit in bold red, blue and white. 

The serenely graphic set-up involves black balloons of various sizes punctuating Albin Lee and his band's performance, under a remarkable expanse of low ceiling tiles, illuminated in those primary colours.


Daniel Carberry
Laurel Harris
Executive Producer
Lanette Phillips
Director of Photography
Corey Jennings
Production designer
Wade Morrison
Michael McInerney
Editing company
Nick Sanders
Director's Rep (US)
The Arcana Group
Director's Rep (UK)
Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UKAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK website
Colin Wyatt

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