Matt Cardle 'Desire' by Tim Fox

Matt Cardle 'Desire' by Tim Fox
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Tim Fox contextualises the highs and lows of a passionate relationship in a highly art directed setting for Matt Cardle.

It's all about Desire, which is expressed through a steamy embraces between Matt and his co-star Jerry-Jane Pears that are framed in fiery red. This turns to purple as emotions turn to jealousy, and a box of glass represents their fracturing relationship.

From the director


"Working with Matt was a pleasure, he's clearly a guy who's passionate about what he does and was involved with every stage of the video. We went through several different treatments until we landed on this concept for Desire.

"Of course we wanted to express the nature of Desire with a very hot, passionate, intimate performance between Matt and Jerry Pears, that was a given. Recently I've really enjoyed working with colour and form - due to my graphic design background - and how they can portray moods, feelings in an abstract way. We played with red for Desire, and purple for Jealousy, using a square shape in various sizes as a framing device that unites the couple.

"The 'room of mirrors' was a particular highlight, a scene I created to portray more of a fractured relationship. We built a hall of wonky mirrors and shot through two prisms on a steadicam rig.

"And then there was the shower scenes, which we left to the end of the day. We got about 20 seconds per take before they both started choking on the ice cold water!

"Matt was totally up for everything I put him through, including being dunked in a paddling pool of luke warm milk. He probably hates me now, but I believe in the result no matter what you have to go through to get it!"


Tim FoxTim Fox website
Sam Mildner
Production Company
Monument London
Executive Producer
Tom Mackay
1st AD
Oliver Kester
Director of Photography
Olly Nice
Focus Puller
Kieron Jansch
2nd AC
Jaoquin Blunt
Phil Penfold
Art Director
Alannah Byrne
Frank Strachan/ Savannah Barthorpe
Gemma Aldous/ Rowhan Guest
Gemma Aldous/ Rowhan Guest
Dan Peters
Post production company
Jerry-jane Pears
Director's Representation
Steadicam Op
James Poole

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