Arcade Fire 'Money+Love' by David Wilson

Arcade Fire 'Money+Love' by David Wilson
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David Wilson's long-awaited mega-video for Arcade Fire is a double-sided beauty as contrasting as it's title, Money + Love.

First comes the Black Mirror-esque satire for Put Your Money On Me, where the band are sold ino recod company slavery, with Toni Collette as the ice-hearted label exec, who makes them play a product-endorsing show at a casino.

But following the band's break for freedom, the storyline dissolves into a pure, mesmerising performance of We Don't Deserve Love, captured in brilliant sustained takes. That in itself makes this a fantastic piece of work. 

And David Wilson has celebrated it's release this week by taking the stage at an Arcade Fire show in New York, with none other than Spike Jonze...


David Wilson
Richard Ostiguy
Jason Baum
Production Company
The Directors Bureau
Executive Producer
Sue Yeon Ahn
Director of Photography
Christophe Collette
Art Director
Louisa Schabas
Becca Blackwood
Renata Morales
Vid Price
Thomas Grove Carter
Editing company
Trim EditingTrim Editing website
Simon Bourne
Grading company
Post production company
Technicolor Uk
Ben Dobson, David Schagerström
David Schager
Director's Rep (UK)
Riff Raff FilmsRiff Raff Films website
Sound Designer + Mixer
Neil Johnson @ Factory Studios

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