Jon Hopkins 'Emerald Rush' by Robert Hunter & Elliot Dear

Jon Hopkins 'Emerald Rush' by Robert Hunter & Elliot Dear
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Jon Hopkins long-awaited return with Emerald Rush, the first release from the new album Singularity, comes with this fantastic multi-media visual from Elliot Dear and Robert Hunter.

A boy in a forest is lured by a throbbing chrysalis to release a beetle that looks eerily like the young lad. Then he is transported into a cave where the swarm of beetles gather around a glass-surfaced lake. But is it actually a lake...?

And what appears to be entirely animated subtly changes as the boy slip[s into a space dimension, amid exploding nebulae. These were actually created in lo-tech science experiments by Dear and Hunter at the start of the eight week process making the film. More on the making of the video at It's Nice That.


Robert Hunter
Elliot Dear
Greet Kallikorm
Production Company
BlinkBlink website
Executive Producer
James Stevenson Bretton
3D Lead
Quentin Vien
2D Animation
Andrew Clarke, Campbell Hartley, Freya Hotson, Blanca Martinez
3D Animation
Lisa George-Gilroy, Laura Quinn
Robert Hunter
Character Design
Elliot Dear
Lead Compositor
Elliot Dear
Dave O’Neill, Robert Hunter

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