Shred Kelly 'Don't Ever Look Back' by Brett & Brett

Shred Kelly 'Don't Ever Look Back' by Brett & Brett
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In this video for Canadian band Shred Kelly, Brett Connors and Brett Ferster posit an alternate reality of smallmindness and bigotry, where gay relationships are the social norm, with heterosexuality is considered beyond the pale, and a society taboo. 

That leads to a moment of truth for the girl (Tedra Rogers) who harbours a secret passion for an old schoolfriend who happens to be male.

The idea for the video comes from a play called Heterophobia by Pam Rocker, who co-wrote this story with Brett Connors.



Brett Connors
Brett Ferster
Production Company
The Light Factory
1st AD
Amanda Zotek
Director of Photography
Ryan Bourman
1st AC
Noah Leech
Hans Grossman
Brett Connors
Editing company
The Light Factory
DevilDuck Records
Tedra Rogers, Austin Siever, Annabell Beames, Aubrey Baux, Stacie Harrison, and Cheryl Hutton

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