Warsnare ft Charlie Stark 'Syndrome' by George Thomson & Lukas Schrank

Warsnare ft Charlie Stark 'Syndrome' by George Thomson & Lukas Schrank
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This mesmerising video for UK producer Warsnare by directing duo George Thomson and Lukas Schrank explores the breakdown of a character in a suitably claustrophobic location.

Thomson and Schrank have matched the repetition of the track with an innovative 'triptych' edit style where three acts of the story play out simultaneously, relentlessly cutting between scenes, inviting the viewer to piece together the puzzle, but also reflecting the dislocated mental state of a man who finds himself wrestling his inner demons while confined in isolation. 

In that respect, the directors could have hardly found a more atmospheric place of confinement: a decommissioned Soviet submarine, moored in a river in Kent.


George Thomson
Lukas Schrank
Visitor Studio
Production Company
Visitor StudioVisitor Studio website
Director of Photography
Benjamin Wearing
Focus Puller
Rana Darwish
2nd AC
Ami Bevilacqua
Ryan Monteith
Art Director
Hair & Make-up
Charly Hawkins
Phil Hambi
Grading company
Post production company
Visitor Studio
Post production company
Infinite Machine
Michael O’Sullivan, Ross Lanham

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