Mind Enterprises 'S.H.A.K.E.' by Jack Barraclough

Mind Enterprises 'S.H.A.K.E.' by Jack Barraclough
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Jack Barraclough's video for Mind Enterprises's old-school dancefloor magnet S.H.A.K.E. is very daft indeed - in a good way.

From the director


“After settling on this character (Bill Gates meets Tony Montana) I wanted to direct and edit the video as if it could have been self-made by this guy after work, on a bit of a delusional ego trip. So I incorporated the ‘office’ set up and watched a lot of Italo disco videos for inspiration. I also got the most boring looking sandwich possible as a prop, which is tuna & cucumber.” (via Notion magazine)


Jack Barraclough
Jennifer Metcalfe
Director of Photography
Conor Chalk
Focus Puller
Jean Dakar
2nd AC
Louis Hollis
Leon Pyszora
Jack Barraclough
Director's Representation
Las Bandas Be Brave
Because Music
Chris Le Ferve

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