Sting, Shaggy 'Don't Make Me Wait' by Gil Green

Sting, Shaggy 'Don't Make Me Wait' by Gil Green
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A couple of heartthrobs of yesteryear, Sting and Shaggy, show they still have what it takes, in Gil Green's video for Don't Make Me Wait. This somewhat unlikely pair still look cool while hanging with the locals in Kingston, Jamaica.   

"We really set out to capture the Jamaican culture in its purest form - not the vacation spots, but real living," says Gil Green. "I have been fortunate enough to have experienced much of this beautiful culture growing up and was excited to showcase the little nuances that make the culture great."


Gil Green
Natalie Thompson
Director of Photography
Thomas Marvel
T David
Marshall Plante
Grading company
Director's Rep (UK)
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