Example 'The Answer' by Dominic O'Riordan

Example 'The Answer' by Dominic O'Riordan
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Dominic O'Riordan guides us through this trip down Memory Lane for Example.

His video for The Answer dramatises how the teenage Elliott Gleave began his rapping career on the streets and house parties of South London. The video starts with him working on a track, his first ever tune playing on his headphones, as he waits for his friends to go to a party.

And Elliot aka Example is spurred on to step up and perform as he vies for the affections of a girl from the neighbourhood.


Dominic O'Riordan
Hannah Bilverstone
Production Company
Executive Producer
Toby Walsham
Production Manager
Harriet Towler
1st AD
Grant Freeman
Director of Photography
Benedict SpenceBenedict Spence website
Focus Puller
Dan Villanueva,
Aaron Westhead
Art Director
Ryan Digby-Harries
Jade Moore
Sophie Moore
Nathan Perry-Greene
Editing company
Cut+RunCut+Run website
Simona Cristea
Grading company
Coffee & TV
Post Producer
Alannah Currie
Director's Representation
Marisa Garner @ Marisa Garner AssociatesMarisa Garner @ Marisa Garner Associates website
Laura Clayton
Jamie Cox
Elliot Rogers, Desiree, Bethany Moon, Jessica Walker, Olivia Ringrose, Simon James-Howard, Sam Coleman, Michael Ward

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