Darius ft Wayne Snow 'Lost In The Moment' by Lisa Paclet

Darius ft Wayne Snow 'Lost In The Moment' by Lisa Paclet
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Set in a not-so-far away future, on a distant Earth-like planet, three teens embark on a journey that leads to a once in a lifetime experience, in Lisa Paclet’s video for Darius.

The underlying coming-of-age narrative accompanies stunning visuals and otherwordly effects (courtesy of Parisian post-production house, Saint-Louis), and the film's themes of adventure and overcoming fear was inspired by the director's own 'cliff-jumping' in her youth, as well as the optmistic energy of Darius' track Lost in The Moment.

The heroine, played by fresh-faced Raph (nominated for the 2017 César awards «Most Promising Actress» category), encites the viewer to take the leap as well and lose themselves in the music.


Lisa Paclet
Cédric Barus
Camille Semprez
Production Company
Frenzy ParisFrenzy Paris website
Executive Producer
Elsa Rakotoson
Production Manager
François-charles Le Goff
1st AD
Pascal Salafa
Director of Photography
Romain Alary
Focus Puller
Vincent Flornoy
Jean Charline Tomilson
Edouard Mailaender
Sylvain Canaux
Grading company
Saint Louis
Post production company
Saint Louis
Post Producer
Wassila Kailali
Post Producer
Jean-marc Raygade
Mathieu Caulet
Yves Bosson
Paul Verdet
Raph, Rio Eap
Director's Representation
Frenzy ParisFrenzy Paris website
Emmanuel Barron
A63/Roche Musique

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