Dirty Projectors 'Up In Hudson' by Daren Rabinovitch

Dirty Projectors 'Up In Hudson' by Daren Rabinovitch
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Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura addresses the tricky business of love in his video for Dirty Projectors. He charts the classic stages of a relationship, from beginning to end, through a cast of characters who all share a common distinguishing feature.

Dirty Projectors' song Up In Hudson is a personal story. Rabinovitch and his associate director Isaiah Saxon have opened it out, and added the magic and fantasy, and brilliant colour palette, of which their creative collective are rightly renowned. Recognisable modern settings become the domain where the characters (the descendants of characters from The Hobbit?) find and enjoy, stumble and lose love, and then find themselves.

Every shot is imbued with the familiar EP pink and blue-hued superreal look, and each stage brings new wonders - none less than the brilliant final sequence, at a busy intersection in Manhattan.


Daren Rabinovitch
Associate Director
Isaiah Saxon
Rachel Nederveld
Production Company
Ghost Robot
Executive Producer
Mark De Pace
Executive Producer
Jett Steiger
Executive Producer
Lana Kim
Production Manager
Sarah Winshall
1st AD
Bobby Nicholson
Director of Photography
Drew Daniels
Focus Puller
Troy 'teddy' Dickerson
2nd AC
Joe Rosenblit
Orlando Duguay
Production designer
Almitra Corey
Hair & Make-up
Lauren Wilde
Elizabeth Warn
Asst stylist
Minnie Garcia
Isaiah Saxon
Chutima Savetanai/MESHFX
Production Company
Encyclopedia Pictura
Additional photography
Oliver Young
Rachel Reynolds, RJ Wolfe, Greg McNamee, Jim Trenton, Kiani del Valle, Hansel Ramirez

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