Miguel 'Told You So' by Karim Huu Do

Miguel 'Told You So' by Karim Huu Do
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Karim Huu Do brings a characteristically intense and experimental approach to his video for Miguel.

This charismatic performance of Told You So, captured in numerous formats, is set in a desert where rockets are launching in the distance. A full-blown attack on North Korea perhaps?

This counterpoint to Miguel's sexy R&B is not an instant read, but it's a strong statement of the artist's mixing of the upbeat with the political on his new album, War and Leisures.



Karim Huu Do
Nathan Scherrer
Production Company
CaviarCaviar website
Executive Producer
Jasper Thomlinson
Executive Producer
Kim Dellara
Director of Photography
Aduard Grau
Production designer
Mark Snelgrove
Jamie Foord
Edit Producer
Chris Noviello
Editing company
Rock Paper Scissors
Post production company
Electric Theatre Collective
Jason Wallis
Post Producer
Scott Boyajan
2D Artists
Eric Mason, Tommy Smith, Fefo De Souza
AE Artist
Matt Andrews
CG Artists
Remi Dessignes, Steve Beck, Christopher Romano

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