Shame 'One Rizla' by Luke Bather

Shame 'One Rizla' by Luke Bather

Promonews's very own Luke Bather steps back into the director's chair for some enjoyable farmyard shenanigans with South London post-punk band Shame.

With a mockumentary style that establishes the feisty fivepiece as good-natured interlopers on a nonplussed farmer's homestead, Shame deliver an energetic performance of their Kurt Vile-esque One Rizla from the back of a quad bike, while also mucking around on tractors, messing with the sheep, and generally coming over like a band you need to know better. 

As Luke says, Withnail & I meets Weezer, with a bit of Country File thrown in... 

From the director


"After seeing the band's album art I knew we had to shoot this video on a farm. I wanted it to feel like the people behind Withnail & I had to remake Spike Jonze's video for Weezer's Island in the Sun with the limited rescources on a farm in Northern England... and a little bit of Country File thrown in for good measure.

"Endless thanks to the crew for shooting outdoors for two days during a storm and to the band for repeatedly falling over in the mud for the benefit of the camera."


Luke BatherLuke Bather website
Alasdair Mitchell
Production Company
Jist Studios
Executive Producer
Jon Stroud
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Focus Puller
Arran Green
2nd AC
Tom Diffenthal
Luke BatherLuke Bather website
Vlad Barin
Grading company
Natalia Maus

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