Bdy Prts 'Take It To The Top' by Ciaran Lyons

Bdy Prts 'Take It To The Top' by Ciaran Lyons
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Ciaran Lyons' directs Glasgow alt-pop duo Bdy Prts as performers in a bizarre ballet, employing visual wit, VFX and his trademark pixellation technique to create another impressive work.

As he explains below, Lyons was inspired by Oscar Schlemmer's Triadisches Ballett - originally developed and performed in the 1920s, and filmed in 1970 – which saw dancers bound into extraordinary, and highly restrictive balloon-like costumes. If your music video knowledge goes back to the 80s, you may also discern a likeness to New Order's landmark video for True Faith at the start. That's no bad thing either.   

From the director


"My initial inspiration for the video was the 1970 Bauhaus film Das Triadische Ballet. There was something about the idea of ludicrously restrictive costumes, and a kind of absurd take on the aesthetic of femininity that I thought would combine really interestingly with the track.

"My fantasy is that in 20 years time, some teenager will stumble across this on an obscure corner of the internet (or whatever we have then), and think: 'When and where was this made? And is that really what those people thought a pop-video should look like?!'"


Ciaran Lyons
Beth Allan
Production Company
The Forest Of Black
Director of Photography
Nick Aiton
Debbie Black
Ciaran Lyons

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