Khruangbin 'Maria También' by Chris Boyle

Khruangbin 'Maria También' by Chris Boyle
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The video for Kruangbin's Maria También, the first single from the Texas-based trio's new album, tells the story of Iranian women prior to the revolution of 1979 that transformed the country into a theocracy.

Before that, from 1925 onwards, Iranian women had gained numerous rights, access to education and employment, the freedom to petition for divorce and child custody - and had become TV entertainers. 

Chris Boyle, making one of his periodic return to music video directing, mines numerous recordings of pre-Revolution Iranian TV shows, showing the women who were on TV in the 70s in Iran - artists, singers, dancers and songwriters - being enjoyed by mass audiences, and who have either been exiled or silenced since the revolution.

Khruangbin and Boyle have brought them back into the spotlight to honour their artistry - and of silenced women everywhere. 


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