KCPK 'The End' by Loïc Andrieu

KCPK 'The End' by Loïc Andrieu
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Loïc Andrieu's stunning video for KCPK's The End captures a teenage girl's unfolding nightmare in a series of jawdropping set-pieces.

Anyone familiar with Andrieu's spectacularly cinematic previous work, like Keffer's Rouge, will have an idea what to expect. But here, he's taken his epic vision into a familiar world, combining the pressures of adolescence and sexual awakening with grandiose horror. 

"For this, I wanted to catch fragments of an odd journey through adolescent angst bathed in underlying sexual tension—a puzzle of senses and feelings flowing with gradual force, and oppressively constant," Andrieu has explained to NOWNESS, who are premiering the video. "It’s a coming of age snapshot. At this stage, the rules get rewritten. Your eyes open to what lies beyond family and school. It is the first time you’re seeing yourself in the world, but emotional reactions overwhelm your ability to understand and cope. This is the end of innocence."

And if he hasn't been snapped up to direct a Hollywood movie yet, he soon will be.



Loïc Andrieu
Production Company
Pierre Cazenave-Kaufman
VFX Producer
David Danesi
Director of Photography
Nicolas Loir
Naza Giral
Mathieu Caplanne
Art Director
Loïc Andrieu
Art Director
Simone Canez-Sabus
Director's Rep (UK)
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Tanguy Dairaine
Fleur Geffrier, Guillemente Barioz, Zara Prassinot, Thomas Renaux

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