Naughty Boy ft Joe Jonas 'One Chance To Dance' by Zhang+Knight

Naughty Boy ft Joe Jonas 'One Chance To Dance' by Zhang+Knight
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Zhang+Knight travel to South East Asia for Naughty Boy and Joe Jonas's One Chance To Dance, to tell the story of two young girls living in rural Vietnam who are infatuated with cinema.

The girls spend their time re-enacting famous movie scenes and dressing up as characters from the films. But when they run away to Hanoi they are unable to recapture the carefree play that they experienced at home. But the sadness that follows the innocent fun hits the right note with the music.

From the director


"It was thoroughly enjoyable creating a video which featured happiness and dancing for once. Production highlights include a diva buffalo, travelling in a fleet of boats over a lake in pitch darkness, nearly losing the camera (and crew) to a high speed train… and of course watching the phenomenally talented Ha My and Ha Thien Trang recreating the Pulp Fiction twist in the streets of Hanoi. We’re so lucky that all of this was exquisitely captured by Nick Morris."


Zhang + Knight
Kat Cattaneo
Production Company
Agile FilmsAgile Films website
Executive Producer
Katie Lambert
1st AD
Sabo Đặng Thu Anh
Director of Photography
Nick Morris
Taff Williamson
Jean-Philippe Blunt
Daniel de Vue
Grading company
Director's Representation
OB ManagementOB Management website
James Hackett
Virgin EMI
Vietnam Producer
Andy Nguyen
Hà Thiên Trang
Nguyễn Ngọc Hà My

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