Dave 'Question Time' by Nathan James Tettey

Dave 'Question Time' by Nathan James Tettey
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Dave has a few questions for the new Prime Minister, and the old one, and the Leader of the Opposition, and it's riveting stuff.

It's a terrific performance by Dave, a smart, sharp, angry and compassionate voice commanding a darkened studio. It's also and impressive directing debut by Nathan James Tettey, employing all his experience of making videos as a producer and commissioner for the first time from the director's chair, so the viewer's focus on this young hiphop artist and his Question Time session never wavers.

From the director


"Directing this video was a happy accident. I originally started out commissioning it, when suddenly, through some unforeseen circumstances, I found myself in the director’s chair as well.

"It’s a big track that makes massive statements, all very close to DAVE’s heart. I wanted to create a simple concept for the video with strong visuals that support the overall message but give centre stage to DAVE’s honest performance so the powerful lyrics can shine. 

"If I didn’t have the trust of DAVE, his management and Stephanie Paeplow by my side to produce it, I wouldn’t have ventured into the murky waters of directing. Big thanks to everyone involved: Stefan Yap, Max Giwa, Grant Phillips on Steadi, Chris Wilson and Max Windows at Stitch, Joseph Bicknell at Cheat, and all the crew who made things so easy on the day."


Nathan James Tettey
Stephanie Paeplow
1st AD
Wayne Bentley
Director of Photography
Stefan Yap
Focus Puller
Jed Roberts
2nd AC
Darius Williams
Danny Hayward
Art Director
Jade Mortimer
Chris Wilson
Editing company
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company
Director's Representation
Grant Sandy-Phillips
Best Boy
Leo Naessens
Nik Lekaj
Molly Rees

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