U2 'You're The Best Thing About Me' by Tatia Pilieva

U2 'You're The Best Thing About Me' by Tatia Pilieva
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Following internet-breaking films like 'First Kiss', which alone amassed over 156.6 million views, Tatia Pilieva returns with another emotionally-charged film experience, for U2.

Pilieva's visual accompaniment for 'You're the Best Thing About Me' - from U2's Songs Of Experience album – is a short film that follows four real life couples 24 hours before they are indefinitely separated: newlyweds in the military, High School sweethearts in California, a Syrian refugee family in Greece, and a young couple in Mexico City.  

The stories from around the world explore separation to highlight a universal theme: "in the moments we say goodbye, we truly feel how profound love is."


Tatia Pilieva
Kate Sharp
Production Company
Pulse FilmsPulse Films website
Executive Producer
Thomas Benski
Executive Producer
Casey Engelhardt
Director of Photography
Andre Lascaris
Garret Price
Matt Osborne
Grading company
The Mill
Grade Producer
Thactcher Peterson
Sound Mix
Damian Wagner
Island Records
Sound Mix EP
Anne Greene

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