HAIM 'Little Of Your Love' by Paul Thomas Anderson

HAIM 'Little Of Your Love' by Paul Thomas Anderson
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After their walk in Santa Monica for I Want You Back, HAIM walk into Oil Can Harry's in Studio City, for a spot of line dancing.

This follows neatly on from Jake Schreier's video, and there's no question this requires more dancing skills from Este, Danielle and Alana than I Want You Back. But the most important thing in Paul Thomas Anderson's unpretentiously fun music video, here is the evident pleasure being had. It develops into a natural thing where something real happens during the making of the video. 


Paul Thomas Anderson
Sara Murphy
Erica Frauman
Dylan Tichenor
Production Company
Ghoulardi Film Company
Production Company
Rattling Stick
1st AD
Adam Somner
Mike Bauman
Key Grip
Jeff Kunkel
Camera operator
Mitch Dubin
Ari Robbins
Production designer
Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro
1st AC
Jorge Sanchez
2nd AC
Melissa Fisher
Deanna Barillari, Kat Barnette 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

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