Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile 'Continental Breakfast' by Danny Cohen

Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile 'Continental Breakfast' by Danny Cohen
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What surely began as a 'Kurt and Courtney' joke is actually now a proper thing, with an album called Gotta Sea Lice on the way. And here's the second video flowing from the Barnett/Vile collaboration by Danny Cohen.

Like the first, for Over Everything, this is a dual location shoot, of Courtney Barnett in Melbourne and Kurt Vile in Philly, with Sherwin Akbarzadeh the DoP in Oz, and Doug Durant DoPing in the States.

The parallel theme is there too, but this time it's a pair of concurrent home documentaries (shot on Kodak 16mm film) of Kurt and Courtney in their home patches, doing nice stuff with their respective families, proving that they are probably the best uncle and auntie in the USA/Australia. So not very much like the original Kurt and Courtney at all.


Danny Cohen
Danny Cohen
Director of Photography
Sherwin Akbarzadeh
Director of Photography
Doug Durant
Camera Assistant
Nick Forster
Camera Assistant
Andy Hensler
Ben Hall
Daniel Stonehouse
Grading company
Special thanks
Nellie Jackson, Rennie Jaffe, Nick O’Byrne, Hugh Turral, Jack, Ian, & Jason at Metropolis Post, Jeff Melanson, Jon Beattie, Mike at Kodak USA, AMF Highpoint, Evan Prosofsky, Dave Ellis and Derry Sheehan

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