St. Vincent 'Los Ageless' by Willo Perron

St. Vincent 'Los Ageless' by Willo Perron
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St. Vincent follows up the remarkable New York with the video for Los Ageless from the new album MASSEDUCTION, and another set of extraordinary, striking images rendered in a day-glo colour palette.

Annie Clark (aka St. V) and director Willo Perron's uncompromising, slyly satirical vision of female desire include Clark in paroxyms of ecstacy as her face skin is stretched, pre-surgical procedure; a reconstruction of the famous Memorex ad, with Clark confronted by legs emerging from a TV; her standing in a bowl, green slime crawling up her legs.

It's also a significant step into conceptual work in music video for Perron, whose creative direction and live projects includes the visual campaign to accompany Jay-Z's 4:44, the XX's new live show, and Florence & The Machine at Hyde Park.




Willo Perron
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