The Score 'Unstoppable' (lyric video) by Peter Reeve

The Score 'Unstoppable' (lyric video) by Peter Reeve
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As well as their 360 lyric video for Imagine Dragons, Peter Reeve and the team at RMV Productions recently created this more conventional lyric video for The Score, comprised of a series of impactful gif-like animations to illustrate the fist-pumping message of Unstoppable. 


From the director


"We wanted to create a positive, uplifting animation which picked up on some of the themes in the song. The core message being that whatever we do in every-day life we are all heroes in different little way. Just by getting up and dragging yourself into school, that job you hate, or surviving parenthood - these things can be just as heroic as saving lives and fighting crime (cape optional).

"The band loved the concept of the animation and brought some cool ideas for scenes and a bit of backstory, with their own journey from cover songs on YouTube to filling huge rock venues."


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Peter Reeve
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