Joe Hertz 'Goodbye Kisses' by Will Reid

Joe Hertz 'Goodbye Kisses' by Will Reid
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Will Reid directs a mysterious ritualistic ceremony on the beach for Joe Hertz, involving a frightened young couple, and a striking red-robed priest and his followers.

Stylishly shot and choreographed, with an impressive use of colour, makeup and casting, Reid gives a refreshing and resourceful interpretation of this heartfelt R&B track. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but it works.

From the director


"We wanted to create visuals for the track that worked with the sombre lyrical sentiments and that contrasted with the otherwise poppy and upbeat tone of the music. I wanted to take us into a world far removed from where music of this genre typically goes in music videos - something paganistic and folklore inspired. Heartbreak as a ritualistic cleansing at the hands of mysterious, magical figures."


Will Reid
Poppy Ashton
Production Company
Executive Producer
Becky Tong
1st AD
Emma Friedl
Director of Photography
Evan Burris Trout
Joseph Bicknell
Grading company

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