Radiohead 'Lift' by Oscar Hudson

Radiohead 'Lift' by Oscar Hudson
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Oscar Hudson's first full-length video for Radiohead arrives hot on the heels of his video for Young Martha, and it's another superb setpiece, that considering the name of the song, was just asking to be made.

Thom Yorke embarks on one of the most surreal lift rides ever, and in the process taps into our anxiety about and the alienating effects of high-rise living. As with Hudson's previous work, like Bonobo's No Reason and aforementioned Young Martha video, this is very largely executed in-camera.

All the scenes beyond the doors of the elevator are there, for real – only the lift display and buttons were added in post - an ingenious piece of design and organisation, and exemplary work by production designer Luke Moran-Morris, art director Mia James and their team. A very satisfying experience.


Oscar Hudson
Matt Posner
Production Company
Pulse Films
Executive Producer
Rik Green
Production Manager
Heba Elgamal
Production Assistant
Rebecca Green
1st AD
Ty Hack
Director of Photography
Ruben Woodin-Dechamps
Focus Puller
Spike Morris
Ewan Macfarlan
Key Grip
Ben Freeman
Celestine Healy
Oli Flowers
Josh Goodwin
Seth Crosby
Production designer
Luke Moran-Morris
Art Director
Mia James
Oscar Hudson
Kai Van Beers
2nd Assistant Director
Maddy Wilson
3rd Assistant Director
Sam Greaves
Elisha Voller, Pier Nobleberry, Ashleigh Lim
Wardrobe Assistant
Molly Green
Make-up Assistant
Ellen Rutherford
Hairdresser Assistant
James Kendall
Jack Knott, Dom Lake
Desk Op
James Shurlock
Set Decorator
Laura Astruc
Georgina Norris
Standby Construction
Dexter Turner-Ramsey
Art Dept Assistant
Tom Dawe-O’Driscoll, Rose Fox Lewis, John McIntosh, Kaitlin Hazel, Kate, John McIntosh, Johannes Charman
Construction Manager
Richard Morrell
Henry Hatton-Brown, Nathan Eviden, Josh Antrobus, Bill Burton
Dog Handler
Benjy Alfreds
Post Producer
Sophie Hogg @ MPC
Flam Artist
Jonathan Box @ MPC
Nelson Tavares, Stephen Burgess, Enrico Ronchetto, Neerav Dahya, Jerome Blake, Robert Benjamin, Jean Paul, Robert Hasznosi, Aaron Hotfelder, Rennie Pilgrem, Raymond Andrew, Lorraine Malby, William Forbes-Hamlton, Sheila Vivian, Tunde Hall, Joe Miller, Ida Gutowska, Catarina Moreno, Szilvia Maria Lener, Pia Laborde-Noguez, Eddie Goatman, Samuel Fasano, Freddie Mason, Sasha Plaige, George Ramsay, Lottie the Dog, India Blake Green.

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