HMLTD 'Satan, Luella & I' by Ilona Mcilwain

HMLTD 'Satan, Luella & I' by Ilona Mcilwain
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HMLTD are being hailed in some quarters as the UK's most thrilling new band, and their theatrical mix of glam and goth becomes a rich source of inspiration for Ilona McIlwain in her first video for the band.

McIlwain portrays HMLTD frontman Henry Spychalski like a consumption-flecked Romantic poet in a crumbling English pile, accompanied by pouting fellow bandmembers and haunted by memories, in the deliciously atmospheric mini-epic for the sprawling Satan, Luella and I.

It's McIlwain's full debut in music videos, following her impressive crossover into directing with the film of Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya's installation at Tate Modern earlier this year, and suggests an exciting future lies ahead. 


Ilona Mcilwain
Joel Spencer
Production Company
LEZ CreativeLEZ Creative website
Executive Producer
Mary Calderwood
1st AD
Rob Gerrard
Director of Photography
Benjamin Wearing
Director of Photography
Jaime Ackroyd
Focus Puller
Robbie Cairns
Zik Udenze
Art Director
Sarah Hall
Matt King
Hair & Make-up
Heather Lines
Jo Lewandowska
Editing company
Cut+RunCut+Run website
Jack McGinity
Grading company
Time Based ArtsTime Based Arts website
Post Producer
Sean Ewins
Elizabeth Doonan
Sony Music

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