Punctual 'Fading Youth' by Geej Ower

Punctual 'Fading Youth' by Geej Ower
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Geej Ower's second video for Punctual is a splendidly evocative portrait of a British seaside town and two girls who live there.

Like her previous video for What I Love, Ower makes something fresh and very uplifting from some familiar elements. Here she captures a sense of nostalgia and youth through the people, textures, details and colour, making the overlooked and somewhat tired seem beautiful and artistic.

From the director


"I wanted to try and capture this portrait of a slightly tired, forgotten-about British seaside town (we decided on Southend-On-Sea) but in a way that felt really dreamy and nostalgic and photographic.

"We shot on some really nice old lenses and Jax Harney at CHEAT did a killer job in the grade to give it even more character. The idea was that our two teenagers would be nestled in amongst everybody else that lived there so there was this observational/documentary feel to the whole thing.

"So the shoot day consisted of lots of running after people with release forms... I actually don't think anyone said no the entire day. So big thanks to the people of Southend!"


Geej Ower
Imogen Harrison
Production Company
My AccompliceMy Accomplice website
Executive Producer
Jamie Clark
1st AD
Wayne Bentley
Director of Photography
Charlie Goodger
Focus Puller
Jerry Pradon
2nd AC
Ines Duarte
Jax Harney
Grading company
Emily Allen
Emma Holt
Director's Representation
Alexa Haywood @ Freeagent

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