Kwaye 'Sweetest Life' by Billy Boyd Cape

Kwaye 'Sweetest Life' by Billy Boyd Cape
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The third video for Kwaye by Billy Boyd Cape strips things down to the man himself, doing his stuff in the less well-heeled, and out of the way spots in Los Angeles. 

The result is a vibrant performance piece that looks as good as its uplifting, thanks to the work of Boyd Cape's DoP Molly Manning Walker, and the redoubtable Toby Tomkins at CHEAT in London.


From the director


"The third in my trilogy of Kwaye videos. This time we wanted to strip it all back, keep it simple and really let the majestic grace of Kwaye shine.

"Although really there’s no such thing as simple… especially when you’re flying to LA, prepping for less than a week and shooting six locations in a single day. Luckily it’s one of the the most cinematic places in the world so for DoP Molly & I it was a whirlwind trip of inspiration and trusting our instincts. 

"Being a foreigner in a city opens your eyes to the million eccentricities. I was desperate to capture the pastels, non-stop transport (whether cars/trains/helicopters) and the sweat-dripping sun. The song is about Kwaye discovering LA and appreciating the sweeter things in life, hopefully the audience can join us on that journey."


Billy Boyd Cape
Michelle Huynh
Production Company
Academy/A+Academy/A+ website
Executive Producer
Liz Kessler
US Production Company
Scheme Engine
Director of Photography
Molly Manning Walker
Creative Director
Titus Hajek Moore
Billy Boyd Cape
Toby Tomkins
Grading company

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